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Some models can swing up like the good old caravan windows, while others have an incorporated sliding hatch to let the fresh air in the van. ... The idea here is bonding the camper window in place with a special adhesive. The adhesive has to be used with special primers, one for the glass and one for the van body.

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if your window is Acrylic (most likely), you can either use a solvent cement like WeldON #3 - try a fishtank shop - or a two part superglue. I don't have a reference for the two part superglue - but it needs to be a "low fume" type otherwise the windows can go "frosty" If it's polycarbonate - then the same two part superglue is the only solution.

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Step 2: Disconnect the Window From the Motor. Get two pieces of wood: Get 1-2 pieces of wood (1-foot-long is fine) that will serve as braces for holding the window in place from the inside of the door (you can also use painter's tape). You will need to hold the window up once you remove the screws of the regulator mechanism so that the window. 1.

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WBD4 ... 14mm Wallboard Adhesive Dots 10 Pieces - Oak $5.00 WBD4A ... 18mm Wallboard Adhesive Dots 8 Pieces - Oak $5.00 WT2 ... Starter Trim White $25.00 WT3 ... Internal Corner Section $29.00 WT4 ... Part Plastic Division Bar $32.00 WT5 ... D Moulding - White $12.00 WT6 ... D Moulding - Beige $12.00 WT8 ... T' Plastic Edging knock in for 16mm edge.

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Our Australian made Caravan fixed D-SHAPE windows are constructed from durable aluminium and have UV stabalised 4.5 mm thick acrylic window s. These stylish, compact fixed windows are suitable for caravans, RV's, motorhomes, horse floats, car canopies and horse trucks. Dimensions (Window is designed for cut out size) Window Depth: 10mm.

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